The Simpsons S 32 E 3 Now Museum, Now You Don’t

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The Simpsons S 32 E 3 Now Museum, Now You Don't

The Simpsons Now Museum, Now You Don't S 32 E 3

Now Museum, Now You Don't The Simpsons S 32 E 3

The Simpsons season 32 episode 03

The Simpsons season 32, episode 3, “Now Museum, Now You Don’t” can hang in most galleries.

Another story-time episode for The Simpsons, Lisa is home sick, so delirious she thinks she’s in school. Marge, ever the enabler, encourages her in her fantasia. When Lisa asks if she will be graded on whatever she reads, Marge promises pop quiz.

The Simpson family. Marge is incredibly encouraging, Wile Lisa to indulge her intellectual pursuits, without resistance.

Lisa's book to get her through the fever dream starts at year 1462, set in Vinci, Italy. Lisa nar do is a young artist with a promising future. She studies with Bart i cell i, Gregor the Inconvenient, and Ralfael Mediocrito. Not everyone can be a genius, and Lisa’s arc is most uplifting. until she pisses off a Cardinal in flight.

Lisa’s dilemma, and self-conscious awareness. is shown, she spends her last supper all alone in 1470.

Bart i cell i steals while Lisa nar do dreaming, pulling in information from the astral realm, This shows sick Lisa can read the “secret diary that no one will see for 400 years” setting up the “Da Vinci Code”

Mr. Burns’ historical counterpart’s killing his way to pope. As there's nothing more evil than Christians who are slightly different. “Mona Lisa” hearing Abe go on and on in Italian dialect. is exaggerated soon after being shut down by Apu.

The “Itchy and Scratchy” show was a stand-in for The Simpsons Marge, portraying Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, as angels.

Barney as a Dionysian supermodel, who keeps in shape by eating and drinking all day. Moe Lautrec gets to enjoy the can-can an spots talent in Bart.

Everyone else paints traditional pieces. Homer plays Mulan Huge, a monarch with Ned Flanders’s mustache. His royal decree against cheese wheels. fit's the ruling class, while the necks of Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers have to be measured for the guillotine.

Maggie’s as the representative of Renaissance artists’ baby angels is cute, even Lisa makes us worry why heaven would be so full. “Maggie ,” set's the tone of “Flight of the Valkyries,” as she plunges from the heavens chasing a falling nipple and kills a bunch of unibrow cherubs, along with Homer, who is one half of a young couple. Maggie mistakes one of the Cupid love arrows for a killing one.

Bernie Babies. Defiant artist Marge tells the capitalist in New York, played by Mr. Burns, that a young socialist has just been born who will take down his empire. Bernie Sanders is of course only a toddler in this tale. Even though he has sandbox goons shaking down nannies for health benefits.

Homer saying he’s never heard of Jackson Pollock or Lee Krasner, yet he is able to name them. Homer wears ridiculous anti-intelligence well.

Burns’ tycoon hires Homer’s Diego Rivera to design a mural for Rockefeller Center. Promising to sell out and be the model for the Atlas statue, Homer gives the mural a red spin in honor of his wife. She earned his artistic respect by painting her misery. He pays her back by sleeping with other women and realizes his true place in art.

Vincent Van Moe’s rendition of “Barry, Barry, Night” closes out the episode on a high note. Actually a half moaned baritone, but satisfying the perennially sad bartender, who Lisa pegged as a poet several seasons ago, admits he’s been using the darkness of his soul to water down the dregs, and bemoans there is something growing on his eggs.

“Now Museum, Now You Don’t” works as a variety show, even though it follows through on one concept. It’s not a side-splitting historically trivial to keep it clever.

the Simpsons se 32 th ep 03
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