The Simpsons S 31 E 22 The Way of the Dog

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The Simpsons S 31 E 22 The Way of the Dog
The way of the dog the Simpsons Bart
Bart Simpsons Way of the dog

The Simpsons Season 31 Episode 22

The Simpsons end season 31 with one of those Christmas presents people give their pets. This is fair because they carved out a horror episode for Thanksgiving this year. “The Way of the Dog,” is cute as a puppy dog’s ears and it is no turkey.

“The Way of the Dog” jumps right in with Santa’s Little Helper. We’ve seen through the family dog’s eyes before, In this case we begin in his dream, which will become very important because the episode hangs on Santa’s Little Helper getting Dognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the first part of owner-training is dogs see with more than their eyes. They can “smell ya later,” as Nelson say's.

Santa’s Little Helper and Ralph aren’t very different. They both have very simple views of the world, and even more simplistic ways of interpreting it. The Simpsons “Santa’s Little Helper” never actually come out of any of the Simpsons mouths while they corner him and try to get him to obey. In the meantime, the problem has been mimed as a problem Santa’s Little Helper has with a Santa hat.
When Marge say's “dogs love dressing in people clothes.”

So when the family dog goes wrong, they call in a dog psychologist, the aptly named Elaine Wolff, Elaine cannot resist a wagging tail. However, Lisa’s attempt to bully the canine therapist is unexpected and largely effective. the abusive race dog trainer, has a kind of redemption in the mere fact that Santa’s Little Helper mother is still alive. The threat of being put to sleep comes up on several occasions, however. having to put down any dog who bites someone. Homer can’t bear to look at the man who wants to put Santa’s Little Helper to sleep, and wears a dog cone on his head on the way out of the office

The Dognitive Behavior Therapy Institute is like doggy heaven: wet grass, no fireworks and Lambien for those restless nights. Elaine Wolf proves herself a capable therapist

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