The Simpsons Parasite Parody Bambi Tik Tok The Ring

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The Simpsons Parasite Parody Bambi Tik Tok The Ring

Bart Simpsons The Ring “Parasite” Bambi Tik Tok Parody

Bart Simpsons Parasite Parody Treehouse of Horror Bambi Tik Tok The Ring

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 3 “Treehouse of Horror XXXII,” “Parody Bambi,” Tik Tok “The Ring” “Parasite Parody”

The Simpsons’ Halloween episode. is always a dark offering “Treehouse of Horror XXXII” is the high point of season 33, claiming we are doomed as a species.

“Treehouse of Horror XXXII” Contain five segments instead of three. They usually have two good ones and a lame one in the middle, Homer complains in episode. Plus they added a TikTok video this year.

The opening sequence is based on the children’s story Bambi, but this one has a far happier ending. “In Disney cartoons, all parents die,” Deer are indeed herbivores, As Homer Simpson points out hunter’s name is Herb.
Also ‘This Side of Parasite’” is a parody based on a South Korean movie The Simpson family film at the mansion of the local acting legend Rainier Wolfcastle. Cause his living room isn’t flooded, like The Simpsons’ basement apartment, An aim to change their circumstances after Bart Simpson is hired as a tutor when Bart arranges to have Homer hired as Wolfcastle’s house keeper

When Wolfcastle goes on vacation, the Simpsons treat house like it’s their own, Class warfare is always funny when we have Mr. Burns to toss around. But Kirk and Luann, who are not happy that The Simpsons took their jobs and a fight starts between the “parasites.”

“Nightmare on Elm Tree” has its roots in The film Day of the Triffids, yet branches out into the ultimate environmental terrorist fantasy. with herbivore day. Wile the trans plant reminds one of “Little Shop of Horrors” The trees also look for a replacement for the name Arbor Day,

There is also a nod to the first “Treehouse of Horror” where Lisa Simpson read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” to Maggie and Bart Simpson. The poem here is just as gruesome an grisly,
Wile “The Ringer” is a horror parody of the film The Ring as seen on TikTok the children of Springfield have been sharing videos which causes the viewers to die in seven days. Lisa Simpson learns about such due to a party she was not invited to an hatches a plot to stop those whom will die in seven days. As TikTok influencer. Mopey Mary life came to end the actual ending is more sad then villainous as Mary ghosts Lisa Simpson who was trying to help her,

The Simpsons se 33 th ep 03
Tv: Season 33 Episode 03 AnDrew D video.

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