Scamming People Undercover (CALLS POLICE ON ME)

Scamming People Undercover (selling a YouTube channel)

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So I am bored during this entire sittuation thats why i decided to make this video where i ''scam people for their money'' BUT NO WORRIES, I ALWAYS GIVE THE MONEY BACK.
For all of you overthinkers out there disclaimer: These videos are only meant as entertaiment. I DO NOT ACTUALLY SCAM.
I know it sucks but I actually have to add that because some people end up thinking I am an actuall scammer.
Enjoy the video and if you like what you see, why not make my day and give it a sub!

Lesson learned from the video: Never give you money to strangers online. πŸ˜› Scamming People Undercover (CALLS POLICE ON ME) video.

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