How To Make Real and Unique Kunai Knife Naruto Using 3d Printing Pen

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The Story of this unique, Kunai Knife Naruto is pretty interesting.
A month ago I even didn't know the word "Kunai" when a colleague asked if our 3D Printer works. She wanted to make a surprise for her son. Then showed me a picture of a ready printable 3D file of a throwing knife.
Unfortunately, our printer was working, but the file wasn't suitable for it. In addition, I didn't have time to do it in my working hours. I told her, that I'll do the knife for her in my free time at home and I drew a picture of it.
When I went back home I put the picture on the table to remind me of my promise. When my son was passing by he noticed the picture and asked: Why you have a drawing of Kunai?
Me: What?
He: Kunai, the drawing is Kunai.
Me: What is Kunai?
He: The knife is called Kunai.
At this moment I was feeling like a dumb dinosaur... I started searching for Kunai and find out that there are many different types and one is used in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and I was loving this series as a kid... Long live internet now I know what is Kunai.
It's interesting that Kunai originally was not designed for a weapon. It was used by peasants as a multi-purpose gardening tool and by workers of stone and masonry. Since kunai were cheaply produced farming tools of a useful size and weight and could be easily sharpened, they were readily available to be converted into simple weapons.
The one in the video is my second Kunai, the one for my colleague is done from cardboard because I didn't have much time to play with it. However, I like the idea of this weapon and the style, so I'll continue with other more complex models.
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