Funny Birds Sing, Dance & Imitate Sounds – Parrots Bark, Meow, Mimic Baby, Phone & Alarm Video

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Goofy, the cockatoo barks, dances and talks for us! Our friend Victor inherited Goofy 15 years ago when a family member passed away. Goofy is now 34 years old and can use and respond to over 50 words and phrases. He also likes to dance and imitate the barking of Victor's dog. We also visited a Bird Show featuring a singing parrot and macaws, ran into a dancing cockatoo in Key West and mingled with Mina birds and parrots at a nature park. These birds will surprise you with their talent as they imitate dogs, cats, phones, people, alarms and more.

Comments or questions? Please write us at whyworldchannel(at)gmaildotcom. Unfortunately, YouTube disabled comments "due to the risk of inappropriate comments" and we have no idea when, or if ever, they might re-enable them. LION PRODUCTION video.

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