Fort Lauderdale Boy (Sneads, FL only edit) goes full stupid over Florida town he knows nothing about

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Fort Lauderdale Boys chain reaction malfunction Sneads, FL Exit sign gives birth to Beard Guy, Mayor Donkey Dick, Pickle Purse aka Boner Garage aka Trash aka Fart Box, Kevin the talking pizza, talking pickle, Philip the talking toilet, hairless pussy Ziggy. Dog shit, cockroaches, Bigfoot trick, bag of leaves, Bigfoot money, hotdog down a hallway, Jackson Five, grizzly bear, New Englanders, arm pit of Florida, dickless pizza in Greece, potty mouthed hooker, new logo design, New Orleans road trip, furniture delivery, cat veterinarian visit, road rage, new Snapchat user goes hog wild with filters (Or whatever the F you call them) therapy, toilet babies, dirty mop, cooter Pooh Pooh Fort Lauderdale Boy video.

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