Bungee Jump

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It was my first attempt for bungee at Rishikesh. It's at a 83 meter height, you feel like ur jumping off a cliff. It was an amazing experience, I thought I would do it easily but when I went there, it took 6 minutes for me to complete the jump. I was not at all ready to jump after I saw the height, my heartbeats pumped high, from the time I was being set up, you can see me talking to him, telling him, my heartbeats increasing, bit scared, I even told him to push me hehe but that's against their policy. Yet, I did not give up in the end, I thank the guy in yellow. He convinced me finally or else I would had backed out. I will never ever forget this experience and incase if I get a chance again in my life, I would surely do it. It will always be a breathtaking moment. If you watch the entire video, there have been times, I backed out but in the end, I just took a deep breath and took the chance.
Amy video.

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