Beautiful Angelina Jolie 💔 Desperate Abbassy (Funny Video Duet) | Silent Comedy Short Film

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This is a funny video duet in which Beautiful Angelina Jolie deceives an innocent & desperate bachelor (Abbassy).Initally,Young Angelina Jolie’s cute expressions forms the basis of attraction to lure Abbassy.Later on,Angelina Jolie’s romantic gestures makes Abbassy fall in live with her.But in the end,he shockingly realizes that she was playing mind games with him as Angelina Jolie wanted to date Champu instead.
Angelina Jolie’s reactions to Abbassy’s behavior looks damn cute here. Angelina Jolie’s beautiful moments are not worth missing in this funny short film.
All Angelina Jolie scenes have been extracted from a famous promotional video.Angelina Jolie’s best moments have been compiled to create this comedy short film.
Watch the entire video to relive Young Angelina Jolie’s funny moments and SUBSCRIBE the channel for more such creative duets.

Music Credits: Ab video.

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